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Rv Storage

Warm rays of sun and long nights of laughter; what could be better than summer nights and travel days in the RV! Being the owner of an RV can be so rewarding when out and about having a blast, but there is a lot of care and maintenance that is involved as well.When you have an RV you cannot forget the important tasks that keep you safely on the road and at your favorite campsites. Items to consider for owners are wastewater tanks to empty, routine maintenance and where to you keep the thing during the off season?Are you considering purchasing an RV and weighing options of where to put it? Do you currently have an RV and no place to store it? We’ve got you covered; check out the following tips to assist in your decision making! Where do you store an RV? A solution may be to store your recreational vehicle on your property especially if you live in a rural area. Using your yard or garage and/or driveway may save you some money and give you all access to your vehicle but this is not always the best or most convenient solution. RV Storage offers many benefits that are important to consider. You may not have enough space on your property, it could be difficult to keep up with maintenance, or you might live in community where RV storage on your property is not allowed. If this is the case, it is time to start planning and searching for RV self storage facilities in your area. Finding a vehicle storage space When you are looking for RV storage, some key things to keep in mind; does the facility have security measures in place, such as gates, fences, and cameras? You will want to make sure the facility offers a size large enough to accommodate your vehicle. Be sure to inquire that the drive aisles and ceilings will provide enough space to safely get your recreational vehicle around the property. ...

May 12th, 2022


Self Storage

HOW MUCH IS A STORAGE UNIT? Many people are aware of the usefulness of having a storage unit. Whether it is for safekeeping belongings, or if you are moving to another location, many people are now opting for self-storage instead of using traditional methods such as having friends store their things for them.​ The real question that should be asked is how much does a storage unit near me cost? STORAGE UNIT COST Many people are unaware that there are different types of self-storage units. Different storage units will have different prices based off the amount of space you need, as well as personal characteristics such as your location or climate needs. For example, some storage facilities may charge more for amenities such as using the dumpster, or extended hours of access.Many storage units will charge a base price of $30 to $50, and upwards from there depending on the features you need. If you live in an area that experiences extreme weather conditions, it is best to get a climate controlled unit for your belongings. These units typically range anywhere from $50 up to about $150 per month, but keep in mind it is especially important if you have items such as photo albums, baby clothes, and other things of sentimental value. SELF STORAGE AMENITIES Self-storage amenities refer to a wide number of features and characteristics which each have different costs. For example, having access to the dumpster is usually relatively cheap, however more expensive self-storage facilities may charge extra for this feature. Self storage fees will also increase if the unit you rent requires climate control such as air conditioning or heating. These options can be useful in climates that get extreme temperatures (such as high heat during summer months). See below for common examples of these features: Heating Air Conditioning Drive in Access Drive Up Access Humidify Control SELF STORAGE PRICING One helpful way to estimate how much you might pay for a storage unit is to find out what the average price ...

February 14th, 2022


Self Storage

Are you looking for cheap storage solutions to organize your kitchen pantry? Then look no further than the dollar store! The dollar store has everything you need to gain control over your messy pantry and it's only $1.25!  With the New Year upon us, many of us are looking for cheap ways to gain control over our clutter, especially in our kitchen pantries! Keep reading for the most inventive cheap storage solutions that we found across the internet using items that come from the dollar store. Organize your spices​ Are you tired of digging around in the spice cabinet only to have half of the items fall out? Then a DIY magnetic Spice Organizer might the perfect storage solution for you. Using just a cookie sheet, magnetic containers, and a couple of lables, this easy-to-find spice jar storage solution was born! You can find the full details on how to mkae this at A Cultivated Nest. Cupcake liners falling no more!​  Cupcake liners are one of those items that you pick at the grocery store as a convenience more than a necessity. But after you the first dozen, the package gets pitched and your cabinets are left with random cupcake liners strung throughout. Why not grab a wide mouth mason jar the next time you are at the dollar store? Place the cupcake liners inside and place the lid on top, the liners stay clean and hold their shape for the next time that you are reaching for them to make muffins. Clearly define boundaries with square bins Using bins and containers to clearly define the space allows for everythings to be clearly labeled, and the space to be defined and organized. Use the cheap stroage baskets in the same color scheme to make it more appealing to the eye, and your space will stay organized for months to come! Use pouring containers for snacks Minimize the clutter in your snack cabinet with clear containers that allow for food to be easily poured out and into a ...

January 31st, 2022


Self Storage

Was your 2022 New Year's resolutions to create more space for happiness in your life? Then we’ve got you covered! From creating new habits, to learning to clear your space from overwhelming clutter, we’ve got 6 easy to follow ways to bring joy into your life for 2022. BUILDING A NEW HOBBY: START WITH WHAT YOU ALREADY LIKE. Trying new activities has long been a way to keep yourself busy and mentally challenged.  But have you thought about adding “hobbies” into your professional life in addition to your personal life. When work or life gets hectic , overwhelming or stressful, hobbies create a space to help you relax and unwind from all the stress. Finding new hobbies can come from many different sparks of inspiration, such as cooking, dancing, exercise, or even organizing your space. The next time you are reading your favorite magazine, or cooking from your favorite cookbook, try incorporating one new thing into your already existing hobby. SHOWING UP WITH GRATITUDE Did your mother ever use the old quote “Gratitude turns what you have into enough”? She wasn’t wrong then and she still isn’t wrong today. Science has recently shown that gratitude can literally change the way your brain functions.  Creating time and space for a daily gratitude journal prompting  increased serotonin levels in your brain. You can even increase your serotonin levels with simple actions of gratitude too.  Like writing a quick thank you note, offering kind words or a sincere compliment or even starting a gratitude jar to drop small slips of paper into and collect throughout the year. Research has show that physically writing words of gratitude helps connect our brains to our actions.  Wouldn’t your Mom be so proud of you for writing thank you notes to everyone that gave you Christmas presents? It’s a great way to get started. "When the mind is pure, joy follows like a shadow that never leaves" -Buddha DECLUTTER YOUR SPACE At the beginning of the new year, you get the chance for a ...

January 13th, 2022