Cocoa Beach Florida Perfect Winter Destination

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What are winters like in Cocoa Florida? Cocoa Beach, located in Brevard County, Florida, is the perfect city for a beach getaway. With its perfect blend of sea, sun and space, Cocoa Beach is a preferred destination among tourists seeking a calm and comfortable winter escape. The city has many nearby attractions to visit during your stay. If you are looking for a place to spend your winter, try Cocoa Beach, Florida! This small town on the Space Coast is perfect for snowbirds who want to escape the cold weather up north. In addition to its beautiful beaches and warm weather, Cocoa also offers a variety of storage options for RVs and other vehicles. Whether you're looking to enjoy the Florida sunshine or just want a place to store your RV during the winter, Cocoa is the perfect choice! Winter Weather in Cocoa, Florida Cocoa Beach is an excellent place to spend your winter. The weather is balmy and there are plenty of activities to do outdoors. The city gets quieter during the winter season providing the perfect time to enjoy the ocean in peace. Most shops remain open throughout the year for your everyday and holiday shopping. The weather on Cocoa Beach is amazing! Winters on Cocoa Beach are short, a little chilly, and offer a breeze most days. Temperatures usually range from 55 to 88 degrees, with an average in the 70s. Starting in October and ending around March, January is the coldest month of the year and hurricanes are typically not a problem. Considered peak season, having little rainfall although if you are missing precipitation and want to experience snow visit Orlando for a daytrip to one of the Snowbird Centers. Things to do near Cocoa Beach As a well known tourist attraction, Cocoa Beach has a lot to offer for activities. Here are a few to choose from: Dinosaur Store: A Dinosaur Store adventure zone with a museum. It has a lot of fun activities such as a walk to ...

October 5th, 2022

Considering a Move to Florida? Cocoa or Orlando is the Way to Go!

Moving To Florida

Horizon Mini Storage sits conveniently near Port St. John on Curtis Blvd. in Cocoa, Florida. Just an hour away is Orlando, Florida, Horizon Mini Storage has put together things to know about living in Orlando! If you are considering a move or a vacation check this out. You will be surprised how much more Florida has to offer than beaches and Mickey Mouse! Looking for Employment One of the highest volume tourist destinations in the US is Orlando, Florida. Endless possibilities for those in the hospitality and tourism industries thanks to restaurants, hotels, and of course The Walt Disney Company. Healthcare, technology, and entertainment companies are almost always hiring as well! This makes Orlando, Florida one of the hottest job markets in the US. Public Transportation Providing easy access to the city’s most popular areas is I-4, driving is standardly preferred for most residents. The SunRail train system, which transports commuters between four different counties and is a great option for those without a vehicle of their own. With two airports in Orlando it is extremely convenient for those who need to travel for work or a weekend getaway. Schools If you are a student or would like to be a student take advantage of Orlando’s highly rated colleges and universities. With several schools to choose from and a wide variety of majors there is something for everyone. If you are searching for a large campus experience University of Central Florida is the place to be! Looking for a smaller school? Rollins College offers a 10:1 student ratio. For a two year program consider Valencia College and for a degree in a healthcare field check out AdventHealth University. Gorgeous Weather Like Cocoa, Florida warm sunny days can be found in Orlando as one of the top attractions. Even with a little more than 50 inches of rain each year Florida is known as the sunshine state - mostly because rain comes in short bursts that result in a lovely landscape. When considering moving to the ...

August 8th, 2022