What Size Self Storage Unit is Right for Me?

Self Storage Units

Making sure that you get the right size storage unit is important, Horizon Mini Storage is here to make it easier for you. Check out these tips below to find out which size self storage unit fits your needs best. Step 1: Make a quick list. Include any items you plan to store, furniture, appliances, and any odd shaped items that will not fit in boxes or bins. Step 2: How many boxes do you plan on placing in your storage unit Step 3: Check out our website size calculator to get a good idea of what size unit you may need. If you need some extra help call one of our storage experts today! Storage for Oversized Items Mattresses Depending on what size mattress you may be storing you may need a larger unit than you had intended. Twin and Full Size Mattress: A mattress that is smaller than queen-size mattress can fit in a 5x5 storage unit, a twin or full size mattress fits in a 5x5. Queen Mattress: A queen size mattress may be able to fit into a 5x5 but it will be a pretty tight fit. A 5x10 will fit a queen size mattress much better. King Mattress: You will not be able to fit a king size mattress into a unit smaller than a 5x10. A 5x10 self storage unit or larger will fit a king mattress nicely. Small Self Storage Units Considering a smaller unit for your belongings? A 5x5 or a 5x10 can provide more space than you would think it may be perfect for your items. Common uses for smaller storage units are childrens clothing, toys, and books, summer storage for students, gardening tools, and holiday decorations. A 5x5 storage unit is the smallest unit we have at Horizon Mini Storage and it is able to hold more than you would think! These units are 25 square feet and 200 cubic feet of storage space, and a 5x5 storage unit acts like a small walk-in closet. Though a ...

April 6th, 2022