Tips for Tailgate Season


Tis the season for tailgates! Socializing, food, and camaraderie is a perfect recipe for a great tailgate party. Celebrating outside with friends to cheer on your favorite team is such a fun experience! Horizon Mini Storage has tailgate party tips to make the most of your next sporting event. Depending on the type of tailgating experience you enjoy will depend on what kind of vehicle you will want to have. RVs and pick up trucks are the most common as they provide a good amount of storage space and can support a crowd. Some of the more creative options we have seen are conversions of a school bus and even ambulances to make the ultimate game day space! Prime Parking When planning your tailgate parking is one of the first things to consider. Most stadiums offer a specific area for tailgaters to park and party. You may need to pay in advance or arrive early if your stadium is first come first serve. It may benefit you to rent two spaces rather than one so you can have ample seating and your vehicle or trailer. Delegate Items You want to be sure you have enough food, drinks, seating, etc but you do not want to end up with an abundance of one thing or the other. A good rule of thumb is to have a rough idea of how many guests will be at the tailgate and who is responsible for bringing what items. Allowing others to help by bringing their favorite items or previously agreed upon things is a great way to make sure everyone is excited. Prepare for Weather The weather is a fickle thing, always changing and sometimes with little or no notice. When you are gathering items and equipment for your tailgate it is a good idea to include items like ponchos, umbrellas, hats, sunscreen, and blankets. Hopefully this will make weather changes a bit easier to manage during your tailgate. Shade If you have enough room in your tailgate area, most ...

August 24th, 2022