What Type of Unit is Right for You?


The desire for a self storage unit might be on your mind if you are, moving, downsizing, renovating, or just having acquired too much stuff over the years. How do you know what type of self storage you need? The process of choosing the best self storage unit for your needs does not have to be difficult. Horizon Mini Storage is here to help guide you through the steps involved in ensuring that you obtain the perfect self storage unit for your needs. There are three types of self storage units: climate control, non-climate control, and drive-up self storage units. Climate controlled self storage units are temperature regulated and ideal for items that are sensitive to extreme temperatures such as electronics, wooden furniture, and important documents. Non-climate controlled units are not temperature regulated and are typically less expensive than climate controlled units. These units are best suited for items that can withstand wide temperature fluctuations like holiday decorations, some clothing, and outdoor recreational items. Drive-up units have drive up access to the unit so you can pull your vehicle right up to. This type of unit is non-climate controlled and is similar to storing your items in an outdoor garage or shed. Indoor units are located inside of the main storage building and require you to carry your belongings through the hallways and elevators to your unit. Climate-controlled units are temperature regulated so that your belongings do not get too hot or too cold. These units typically cost more than regular units but can be well worth it depending on what you are storing. When you store items such as records, or antiques you should most definitely be using a climate controlled unit. Many people assume that your items need to be stored in a climate controlled environment. This is not always true, most items can be stored in a standard storage unit. A great way to determine if your belongings need to be in a temperature controlled environment is ...

July 21st, 2022

Choosing a Self Storage Facility


When you need somewhere to store your stuff, self storage might be a fantastic option. However, with so many storage facilities available, it can be difficult to determine which one is best for you. When you need a self storage unit, there are numerous factors to consider. From the facility's location to its opening hours and even a site visit, here at Horizon Mini Storage we compiled a comprehensive list of things to think about before you make your decision. Location When it comes to self storage, location is everything. You will probably want to choose a facility that's close to home or work, so you can easily access your belongings. If you're storing seasonal items, you might also want to choose a location that's close to where you'll be using them. For example, if you're storing a boat for the winter, you might want to choose a storage facility near the marina where you'll be using it in the summer. Once you have a better sense of what belongings you will store, it will be easier to know how often you will be visiting your storage unit. Horizon Mini Storage is conveniently located near Port St. John and servicing many surrounding areas. Consider your needs What items are you going to be storing? How long will you need your storage unit? Knowing what belongings you will be storing will help determine what size and type of unit you should look for. Because not all self storage facilities offer the same variety of units or types, Horizon Mini Storage has a calculator to assist with finding the perfect unit for you! If you need more assistance choosing the correct storage unit size for you we have storage experts available to help you during office hours. Security When you're storing your belongings, you want to know they're safe and secure. Find out what security measures are in place at the storage facility, and how they can help give you peace of mind. At ...

July 18th, 2022