Is Van Living for You?

Van Life

Looking to set out on a new adventure and go off the grid? Have you considered van living? Cook, work, sleep, and shower all in your home on wheels, travel, and live life on your time! Check out our van life guide below. What is van living? Van life may be pretty self-explanatory - living in a van - but it can mean so much more than that. Travel the world on your own schedule and live a simple life using a van as a mobile home. Not all lifestyles are the same, some people choose to live full time on the road and others only stay in their vans on weekends and holidays. Some people like to stay totally off the grid; others enjoy staying at campsites. Van lifers can be a solo thing or you can take the whole family with you! Most nomads find this van life freeing. Why choose van life? Those who have adopted van life customs embrace a minimalist lifestyle, decrease their carbon footprint, focus on hobbies, and steer away from a 9 - 5 job. Here are some of the reasons living out of a van is right for them! Freedom Bike ride up and down the coast in the middle of the week. Van life allows you to have the freedom to go on a trip without having to figure out scheduling time off. Your time is more flexible and you are not tied to any commitment like being locked into a lease or mortgage. Simplicity Living minimally takes away the stress of worrying about precious items behind. It is much more difficult to make impulsive purchases because there is limited space inside the van. Van life requires you to think about the most important things to you as well as reduce the items you don’t need. Adventuring Every day is a new adventure when you live the van life! Wake up and meet new friends, take in local culture, or discover some of nature’s secrets. ...

March 22nd, 2022