Secure Boat Storage in Cocoa, FL

When it comes to boat storage, size matters. A parking spot that is too small will be difficult to navigate. On the other hand, a storage space that is too big will cost you more than you need to pay. Our variety of solutions for boat storage in Cocoa, Florida allows renters to find the sweet spot for their boat in a flash!

In fact, our parking spaces are great for nearly any type of vehicle you may have. What’s that? You own a ‘Boaterhome’ (half van, half boat)? Well, we may have to study that situation more closely, but you can easily store RVs, cars, motorcycles, business vans, and other vehicles here. Check out some of the benefits you can enjoy below.

  • Nice location: Our storage facility is located on Curtis Boulevard, allowing us to serve the communities of Cocoa, Titusville, Rockledge, Merritt Island, Sharpes, and Cape Canaveral. As a matter of fact, we are only one mile away from Port St. John!
  • Drive-up access: Our customers can fill an entire van worth of supplies and transfer them in a few minutes! Whether you want to rent some well-maintained extra space or need to move from your old unit at another place into a new one here, you can store a variety of things in addition to your boat.
  • Top Security: You can keep your peace of mind because our self-storage facility is equipped with modern CCTV security cameras. Our video surveillance system allows us to see everyone who enters and leaves our property at all times. Security is tight!

Sure, people with land can store their vehicle directly on their property. If that’s your case, you may need to check before to see if the place where you live doesn’t have any regulations against it. If your vehicle is longer than a car or a truck, you will most likely need to look elsewhere for a convenient storage alternative.

Some boats can be stored at a marina, while others might need to be stored outside in the water. If you are dependent on your budget and put things like security and convenience at the top of your boat storage list, we are confident you will love our services.